Is Obama high and mighty? An observation about Obama’s attitude to legalising marijuana

Clearly as President of the US you can’t win a war on drugs – certainly no President before ever has and they all pretty much follow the same policies as the one before, whether the drug was legit or otherwise.  Is Obama any different?  Let’s look at some evidence, based upon what happened when a citizen asked him a legitimate question on an illegal drug — marijuana. It took place at Obama’s first ‘web-hall’ at and, consequently, there are plenty of people up in arms at his “dismissing” the question on whether the drug going legit could boost the economy and create jobs (see here for a typical news story on this matter).

But do we really have the right to judge/condemn him on the subject based upon this one answer? And does anyone know what he’ll do for use of the drug where it is already proven to have efficacy as a pain reliever for so many conditions?  we do — and it’s positive — see, for example, this interview he did on medical marijuana

So is he being high and mighty? No, I reckon that’s just the media-hype, over-sensitive members of the public and just the drugs talkin, dude. Chill out and see what happens next.

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