About bobbygw

My favourite sport

This blog is about a bit of this, a bit of that, and always a big dollop of the other. …Culturally, I’m a devoted reader of fiction and non-fiction, across a range of subjects, and also love movies and art. If you want to contact me about anything to do with this site, feel free to drop me a line: bobby at bobbygw dot com.

Feminism also matters deeply to me. It has shaped my life and perspective in many positive ways since I was in my late teens and it continues to do so.

Professionally, I have 20 years’ communications experience, and I freelanced in the evenings and weekends during this period for @10 years as a copy-editor and book/manuscript reviewer for publishers and some media.

Occasionally I write short stories, but have only begun to publish some since August 2014.

3 thoughts on “About bobbygw”

    1. That’s incredibly generous. How can I afford such a compliment?! Sorry for the delay – I’ve been in Istanbul and Moscow and just recently returned. I hope you’re well! And big bless!


  1. Bobbygw, without wanting to be impolite and leave messages in the wrong places on your blog, feel free to erase this after you have read it. I’d like to invite you, or any writers’ friends or followers of yours to participate in the writing contest in my blog by Guerrilla Blogs. If you have time check it out under the GUEBpRØJECTS page. Cheers.


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